What is MirrorMirror?

MirrorMirror is the bridge between the past and future, utilizing the age old household mirror as a seamless gateway into virtual reality. The base of a mirror provides a contextual surface on which you can display relevant information to YOUR life.

What inspired us

The main idea came from how overloading current forms of contextual information can be. From Google Now to Siri, relevant information loses it's value when it is constantly being displayed at almost all moments. Mirror, Mirror aspires to change that. The simplicity of Mirror, Mirror allows for direct control over information that you want to see.

Philosophies of the mirror

Contexual Awareness
Facial recognition can be used to detect who is standing in front of the mirror and display more useful information to the user.
Easy to Customize
Rearrange tiles or create your own in JavaScript. Modules can be shared and developed for the MirrorMirror marketplace, allowing you to develop and find more modules easily.
Social Media
Most popular sites can be intergrated to show a personal news feed. With this you'll be able to easily glance at the mirror and see what's hot.
Gesture Interface
Using custom hardware you'll be able to interact with the mirror by swiping your hand in front of the mirror, letting you interact with the mirror without any smudges.
Neat and Easy to Install
Only one cord for power needs to be plugged in, allowing you to easily install this anywhere without a mess of cords. During setup it'll connect to wifi and update everything automatically.

What we're working on today

Today we have working prototype powered by a Raspberry Pi. It can receive updates over the air and pull relevant information for the calendar, bus times and news sources. The interface can also be customized for an individual user, and can be switched using facial recognition. We are currently working on optimization to the facial recognition process, as while as custom hardware that can detect gestures.

Joshua Berg

Joshua Berg is a mechanical engineering student at Purdue University. He is currently the Mechanical Team lead for the IEEE ROV Team and is also a part of the Purdue ASME Rube Goldberg Team. His main focus is design and manufacturing. Contact: josh@mirrormirror.glass

John Lee

John Lee is a computer engineering student, IEEE Treasurer, and IEEE Learning Committee Head at Purdue University. He works with various projects and strives to make the next best thing™. He is constantly thinking of new ideas on what to work on. He works with low-level projects, high-level projects, presentations, and even graphic design.

Contact: john@mirrormirror.glass

Matt Molo

Matt Molo is a computer science student at Purdue University. He is a past president of the Purdue IEEE Student Branch and currently Purdue IEEE Computer Society President and IEEE ROV Software Team Lead. His main focus is systems programming.

Contact: mattt@mirrormirror.glass

Nick Molo

Nick Molo is a computer engineering student at Purdue University. He has previously worked at Intel Corp, Roche Diagnostics, and other companies. He is a past president of the IEEE Computer Society and past IEEE ROV Electrical Team Lead. He has extensive experience in electronics design and embedded software.

Contact: nick@mirrormirror.glass

Tim Vincent

Tim Vincent is a computer science student at Purdue University. He is the current Purdue IEEE Industrial Relations Head and VP of the iOS Dev Club. His main focus is with backend programming and databases.

Contact: tim@mirrormirror.glass

Contact Us

Please contact us at team@mirrormirror.glass for more information.